This card can save your life....
 You can take charge of your health risks....
We are sorry to say that this product has come to the end of life. Medical facilities will not allow the use of this device due to the possibility of virus infection. We therefore recommend that you keep medical files on your smartphone.

The only medical ID card to carry in your wallet or on your person which holds ALL of your critical medical information and medical history necessary in an emergency situation.


  This ensures that YOUR medical information is available in an emergency situation.
Provides emergency medical response team the necessary information to enable the proper medical treatment. Optionally provides dependent’s medical information should you be involved in a medical emergency Enables you to carry with you at all times a complete medical history including:
  • Medications and dosages

  • Allergy information

  • Immunization information

  • Blood test results

  • All medical test results

  • Copies of medical tests including EKGs, MRIs, medical letters, etc…

  • Instructions or letters from doctors required to prevent medical mistakes


Why Do you need MedDataCard

was developed by a our staff with over 30 years of experience in emergency medical response. We understand the importance of having the necessary medical information to enable proper initial medical treatment. This treatment is crucial in trauma situations and which can greatly affect the outcome of an emergency treatment. Our team has developed this tool based on what our experience has taught us, and that is that to deliver proper treatment. The most recent patient’s medical data is critical to delivering proper medical treatment.


Are You Prepared
In An Emergency

  "This product is just what the doctor's office needs. So many of my patients come to the office and have no idea what medications they are taking, or the results of their last blood test. This card is a must for aging patients, and patients with extensive medical history."

John S., MD
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Do You Carry A Recent
Copy Of Your EKG


What Medical Information
Could Your Provide
In This Situation

Your MedDataCard™ can be ready in this emergency situation to aid in your medical treatment...........

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